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Dances Taught in 2011

in no particular order

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Intermediate & Advanced
Hello Dolly Stuck Like Glue Who's That Girl - Colleen Archer
A Waltz for Megan Out & Jump You Had To Be There - Stacey Breed
Socials & Events Skinny Genes San Francisco Don't Miss a Thing

I Don't

Play the Game A Perfect Day
98.6 (rev) Something in The Water Africa
Dances Taught in 2010 Mamma Maria Blue Mountain Beachhouse Turn on The Radio
Foxy Girl Black Butta You're Driving Me Crazy
All You Need John Wayne Walking Man of My Word
Knee Deep Dugong Rock Felt Good on My Lips
Beethoven Boogie I'm No Good A Woman is Trouble
Cha Cha One Love Sick You (Chris Watson) I Run To You
  Get By Faith in Me & You Somebody's Chelsea
  You Walked In Calypso Mexico Aces
  Rivers of Babylon (rev) Dr Wanna Do Put You in A Song
  Toes (rev) Missing Link Stumblin' & Fallin'
  Crying Game   Rolling in the Deep
  Never Ending Story   Sweet Devil (Luke Watson)
  Love Really Hurts   Only Girl
      It's Friday
      Alabama Slammin'
      A Goodnight Kiss
      Better Than Leaving