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Dances Taught in 2010

Beginner Upper Beg/Easy Intermediate Intermediate/Advanced
Mr Postman Two Balls of Star Dust Spotlight
Rock 'n' Roll Waltz Pitbul Samba You and I
Baby Rocks Louisiana Swing I'm In

Heart like a Wheel (Rev)

Be The First One Somebody
Sweet Sweet Smile (Rev) Baby Dream Those Less Fortunate
Ten Out Of Ten Downtown Crazier
She Like To Dance A Little Thing Haven't Met You Yet
Bar Room Romeo (Rev) Speak With Your Heart Playing With Fire
Blue Moon Shuffle (Rev) Tennessee Waltz Surprise Mr Whoever You Are
Baby Give it Up (Rev) Tonight We Might You Were There
So Easily Coconut Cream (rev) I Need You Now
Travellin' Man Something Tells Me Love Ya
Under The Sun Feel Right Rhyme or Reason
Flip Flops Yolanda

Let's Dance

Rockin' Good Way After The Weekend What's Up
When Will You Be Mine Oaklahoma Boogie Flashdance
Homeward Bound Caught in The Act Infinity
Ghost Train Walking in The Rain What About Me
98.6 (Rev) Hey Soul Sister Magic Carpet Ride
Snap Your Fingers   Coming Back
Step Back (Rev)   Fairytale
Summer Holiday (Rev)   A Better Life (Rev)
Let The Little Girl Dance   Moonlight Madness
Little Red Indian Drums   Jessie
    The Perfect Jewel
    Bobbi With An I
    I Want That Man
    It's For You
    If I Knew Then
    As Love is My Witness
    Rah Rah Ooh La La
    Now and Then
    Before He Cheats

Calendar of Events in South East Queensland