ON LINE Dancers

Thank you for stopping by and hope you are looking forward to 2013



New Classes in Gympie

with Stacey Breed from Steppin' in line

Commencing Monday night 23rd July 2013 continuing in the Scout Hall Batchelor Rd Gympie.

I am so glad to have Stacey take over my time slot of teaching in Gympie.

It has been over a year since I ceased classes and it has taken time to be able to announce our new teacher in Gympie.

I know that Stacey will enjoy this new direction and I am sure that all the people from my previous classes will give her the support & friendship that they shared with me. New dancers are most welcome and you will be well looked after with Stace, as she is a joy and a seasoned dancer even at her young age - with a good teacher behind in her mother Cathy so hope this venture proves to be a great success.


Maryborough classes continue with Lorraine




It is with regret that I have to stop classes at the moment due to work commitments.

I will see you on the dance floor sometime though.


Enjoy 2013 and I will wait to see what eventuates for me.


Sorry to all my classes for having to venture to new horizons - I would like to thank all the wonderful people that have danced with me over the last 9 years of teaching. Thank you also for your support and well wishes over the years, but especially for friendships. Most of these friendships will continue for many years to come.

Please keep on dancing with anyone or in anyway that you can, as it is the best social connection and exercise that I can think of where you can have so much fun and enjoyment.

Jenny Ogden








Whether it be square dance, hip hop, line dancing, the waltz, rock 'n' roll, or belly dancing, to name a few - dancing offers a fabulous workout.  And while dance may not take care of all your health needs, it comes with some surprising benefits. Dancing helps strengthen your legs and knees, and it can also slow down the process of osteoporosis.  And the benefits to heart health are even better.  If you dance regularly, especially if you can get in an hour several times a week, you can lower your heart rate, drop your blood pressure, and boost the good HDL cholesterol while lowering the bad LDL cholesterol.  

In addition, dancing burns calories and lots of them.  A one-hour dance session can help you drop between 400 and 800 calories, depending on how vigorous your dances are.  Those figures rival the number of calories you can burn riding a bike, walking, or swimming laps.     Dancing also comes with the additional benefits of a group activity by offering opportunities to socialize and build relationships, both of which influence our overall outlook on life.

So come on and join your local line dancing club wherever it may be and enjoy the benefits.