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Dances Taught for 2006

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Because of You - Brett Jenkins Women Rule - Charlie Mifsud The Impossible - Brett & Chris
XXL (Ouch) The Rose  (Rev) 5 O'Clock Somewhere - Brett  & Chris
Midnight Waltz (Rev) Country 2 Step  (REV) Thrown Out
Bartenders Stomp Rock Around the Clock  (Rev) Little Ship
Love's Gonna Happen Mr Right If That's What you want
Nothing New Latin Love Tell me That you Love Me
Turn Around Thinking it's Alright Missing You
Here's a Dance Waltz Across Texas End of the Road Waltz/All Through The Night (rev)
Bosa Nova Summer Holiday Brighter Day - Gordon Elliott
Whatever You Ain't Women Enough From There to Here
Miller Magic Fly Baby Fly - Jan Wyllie Sweet Little Lisa
Clap Your Hands Born to Boogie - Ian St Leon Just for Grins (Rev)
Sing a Song You'll Never Know - Peter Fry Coastin'
Too Much Cha Cha Pumpin' for Love - Neville Fitzgerald Come Into My World
Hoedown Black Coffee Cowboy Cha Cha(rev)
It's Only Make Believe - Tracie Lee Memories - Michael Vera Lobos Cowboy and Clown - Mark & Kate
USA Today - Brett Jenkins Who Will be There - Gordon Elliott Let Your Love Flow
Betcha Neva What if I Said - Brett Jenkins Fifth Wish (Rev)
Frequency (Rev) Come Tomorrow Kill The Spiders
Montana Mambo Michael's Two Step - Terry Hogan Cunnamulla Strut
Dancing in White - Jan Wyllie Walk back to Me Nothin' But The Tailights
Forever Friends Por Ti Sere All The Way
Coward of he County Little Miss Rosie Rev Step Back REV
Let Your Love Flow Rev Overdrive It's Up To You
Mr President Da Buzz - Robbie McGowan Hickie Cowboy and Clown
Love Letters I Gotta Brand New Girlfriend - Tim Gauci Love you Like that
Hope   Quietly REV Before the Devil Knows  
Take a Breather Rev Blue Note      Cinco de Mayo REV
Razor Sharp REV Somebody Like You REV Cowboy Hustle
Take a Breather REV The Leaving of Liverpool I Love a Rainy Night
West Texas Waltz REV The Riv Make Love To Me
Steppin' Out East to West Nothing Much
The Rose REV Hillbilly Rock  Heart Like a Wheel REV
There's More To Me