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Our Dance Sheets
Calendar of Events in SE QLD


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Dance   Choreographer Description

You Had to Be There

Feb '11

Stacey Breed

2 Wall 32c Int 1 Restart

Dugong Rock

June '11

Jenny Ogden

1Wall 1 Restart Tag for the Chorus. Demo Fun Dance written for local waterways protection team.

Stuck Like Glue

Nov '10

Jenny Ogden

40c Improver dance 4 Walls 3 Tags

Bucking Hell             

Jun '09

Jenny Ogden & Rebecca Ross

40c Improver no Restarts or Tags but does have a couple of optional flourishs

I'm In                 

Dec '09

Karla Bishop

64c Intermediate 1 Tag

My Favourite Boyfriend    

Dec '08

Donna Hope

2 Wall 64c Int A B C 2 Tags

Dance Everybody         

Oct '07

Tia & Cody Breed

32c Beginner

(I'm) Leavin'             

Sept '07

Donna Hope

32c Improver 1 Tag

Love You Out Loud        


Karla & Kyle Bishop

48c Int 1 Restarts

One 2 Step               

Jan '07

Katie Nelson

32c Improver 1 Tag


Dec '06

Cody Breed

32c  Improver  2 Restarts Alt music, no restarts

Woman of Gold          

Nov '06

The Kilkivan Gang & Jenny Ogden

48c Easy Int


Nov '06

The Tin Can Bay Ladies & Jenny Ogden

60c Int 3 Restarts 1 Tag

Hot Hot Hot!!            

Nov '06

The Gympie Crew & Jenny Ogden

96c 1 Wall Int 1 Tag

Into The Dark           

May '06

Karla Bishop

32c Improver 1 Restart


Dec '05

Karla Bishop

32c Improver 1 restart

This Life                

Dec '05

Cody Breed

32c Improver 1 Restart